Bed and Breakfast Phillip Island

You have probably heard of Phillip Island because of the penguins since they are native to the island and many people go there to watch them. If you are thinking about spending time there, several bed and breakfasts at Phillip Island are available where you can stay.

Phillip Island has a rich history that starts with its discovery by a man named George Bass in the late 1700s. Today this island includes Phillips Island Nature Park in order to maintain the wildlife and various natural highlights of the island.

When you go there are many wonderful bed & breakfasts in and around Phillip Island that you can choose for accommodation. The Black Dolphin Beach Penthouse is one of them. Located at the top of a property that is two stories, you will see majestic views of the ocean and surrounding areas. You will be greeted with a complimentary bottle of champagne or wine if you stay at least two nights.

The Glen Isla House dates back to the 1800s and is a historic homestead overlooking a heritage garden. This is right next door to the Phillip Island Nature Park so you can see the penguins march each night. They offer a table d’hote menu on some nights, which means you get a full course meal in addition to the morning breakfast.

While staying at a Phillip Island bed and breakfast there are several things to do in and around the area. You will not want to miss A Maze and Things so you should plan to stay a whole day. You will find a variety of mazes and optical illusions both indoors and outdoors and you will not want to miss Puzzle Island while you are here for more fun.

Where would you be if you couldn’t see a koala bear in its natural habitat in Australia? You can be sure to see them at The Koala Conservation Centre on Phillip Island. You can walk along the bush and see koalas up close along the way. Many people say this is like being in a secluded part of nature.

If you like to relax and fishing is part of your relaxation time, you will want to hire a T-Cat Charter. On one of these, you can fish, dive or just look at the scenery on a tour. They offer on shore and off shore tours.

Besides penguins, Phillip Island is also famous for its motorcycle and car racing. Depending on when you go you may catch the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix. Besides watching the race there are a lot of displays and you can play video games in between races.

One of the most fun things happens at the end of December and the first part of January to bring in the New Year. It is the Pyramid Rock Festival. Because the festival is on a private property, you can have a very romantic evening. You will listen to the music and feel the soft, gentle sea breezes across the beautiful ocean views. The main stage is located inside a natural amphitheatre in order for you to get this effect.

When you are finished, you can always go back to your bed and breakfast to rest and relax to get ready for another day. In Phillip Island there is so much to see and so little time!