Bed and Breakfast Mudgee

When you want to find a Mudgee getaway, you might want to stay in a Mudgee bed and breakfast. One of the favorites of tourists is the Ardrossan B&B Mudgee. This is a farmhouse made with double bricks and it is a beautiful space for weddings or romantic getaways. Because it is a farmhouse type of b&b, you will receive a five course breakfast and eat it amongst the natural wildlife.

If you want a Mudgee b&b closer to the Central Business District, you can stay at Belmore Cottages Mudgee. The stylish and pretty d├ęcor will instantly make you feel at home. You can explore the grounds or just relax and enjoy the environment; this makes for the perfect spot for getaway cottages.

If you prefer caravans and camping you can stop at one of the many Caravan Parks that allow you to experience camping or a cabin, depending on your individual tastes. They are generally very shady and grassy so you have a nice place to relax on your holiday.

The small town of Mudgee is one of the oldest towns in the area. The name Mudgee is actually an Aboriginal term that means nest in the hills or Moothi. You will find the old buildings intriguing and the Cudgegong River Valley a picturesque landscape.

When on holiday visiting Mudgee you will want to experience Market Street with its variety of old buildings. First you will find the Classical Revival post office that dates back to 1862. This was one of the first country post offices in this state. There is an old police station with stables that dates back to 1860 and a band rotunda that dates back to 1903. This is quite a part of Australia’s history that you will enjoy.

Other things to do here on your getaway might include a trip to the museums. Mudgee has a couple that are worth going to. The Gulgong Pioneers Museum in nearby Gulgong is a small heritage museum that gives you an idea of the Australians of the area. It is complete with several reconstructions of buildings and shops, including a blacksmith shop and bake house. The Mudgee Museum takes you further back in time and gives you an understanding of what it was like to be a pioneer in the very early days.

One of the local events in this area is the Mudgee Small Farm Field Days that happens in July. Since Mudgee is a small town its farms are very important to the culture. On this day tourists and locals can find out more about the farms and how they operate. While you explore the farms you will also be entertained with music, food and fun.

The Elliot Rocke Mudfest in March will give you a chance to see the short films from local talent. This is a film festival that has a variety of creative ideas that the locals have put to film. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

After seeing all the sites, sit back and relax in the hot tub or take a very relaxing bath with a glass of wine at your Mudgee bed and breakfast and unwind!


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