Bed and Breakfast For Sale

While the bed and breakfast industry’s unique selling point, or USP, is the warm personalised service b&bs offer, it is not a cottage industry. The industrys’ total turn over is about 1.5 billion dollars. And business is growing, which makes this a good time for those wanting to get into this profitable line to look at buying one of the many bed and breakfast for sale all over Australia.  If you have studied the industry data you may have noticed that while foreign tourist spending on bed and breakfast accommodation has been growing steadily, that of domestic tourists showed a slight declining trend over the last few years. But a closer look will show that this has been reversed and both sectors are now growing.

The easiest way to get into the b&b business is to buy one of the many bed & breakfasts for sale all over the country. With the growth in the industry prompting many b & b owners to move to larger properties, there are a number of established bed breakfasts for sale, many of which are turnkeys operations where you can walk in and start from day one, or you could look at a bed & breakfast for sale that will allow you to modify and renovate to make the establishment uniquely yours. Either way, this is a good time to get started.

You will find all kind of bed & breakfasts for sale in Australia. From the most basic where a house has an extra bedroom that is used for b&b accommodation to larger multi room or cottage establishments with varying degrees of facilities and comforts for the guests. There are bed & breakfasts for sale in every part of the country in all type of locations from the urban to the mountains, valleys, beaches, and outback.

Each location has its own type of clientele and each has its own specific requirements and demands on the owner. The standards of the facilities available to the guests will also vary. But wherever be the location or type of bed and breakfast accommodation, it can be a profitable venture if the owner has the right attitude and is willing to work hard. The attitude consists of offering guests a warm and personalised experience unlike that which they would get in a hotel. The owner must be willing to interact with the guests and offer them personalised service that make them feel at home, not just in the b&b, but in the region. The unique thing about staying in a b&b is that the guest does not feel like a stranger. The hard work comes from running your own business and knowing the more effort you put in, the more successful and profitable it will be.

The best place to start in finding a bed and breakfast for sale is to decide what part of the country you want to make your home in. South Australia or New South Wales? Queensland? Then look at the kind of lifestyle you want – do you want to be in or near the urban centers or in the suburbs? Or does living a more remote location in the peace and quiet of nature appeal to you? Perhaps you would prefer being near a beach or a place with lots of outdoor activities. What about the mountains or the wine growing regions? Each one will have bed and breakfasts for sale and clientele waiting to go there.