Bed and Breakfast WA

WA has a huge number of holiday destinations, catering to all tastes. One of the best things for a traveler to this part of the country is the number of bed and breakfast options in Western Australia available in every part of the state.

Western Australia is the country’s largest state covering about one million square miles. Bounded on the east by the Outback desert and the west by the Indian Ocean, the state is so large that it encompasses various differing climatic zones from the warm dryness of the north to the cool wetness of the south. With this size and climatic variations, it is not surprising that many b&b accommodation choices are available.

The list of places to see and things to do in WA is so large that it would be hard to list them all here. But from Perth, the modern capital city of Western Australia to the Kimberly / Pilbara region with its million year old landscapes of ancient mountains, deep gorges and tranquil oases to the beautiful coast where you can either indulge a passion for every kind of water sport or just lie on the beaches there is something for everyone.

Gourmets will enjoy the huge varieties of top quality local produce served at some of Australia’s best restaurants and wine lovers will have a chance to visit some of the best vineyards in the country. For those who just want peace and quiet, WA offer a huge number of getaway spots in peaceful natural surroundings.

WA is a great place for farm stay bed and breakfast holidays. The options for farm stay bed and breakfasts in WA range from heritage properties, country cottages, farms, outback stations to beach side contemporary homes. Some of the most popular wildlife and outback destinations in WA are Kalgoorlie, Kimberly, and Margaret River. Even if you choose a more remote location for a holiday – a place where you can be almost alone with nature – you will find great WA b&b accommodation.

If you choose an urban holiday in places like Perth, Freemantle or any of the other bustling population centers in WA, you will find a great deal to do. Besides not being too far from nature, the town will have great eating and wines tasting options, art galleries, shopping and innumerable places of historic and tourist interest. Wherever you go in urban parts of the state, you will find Western Australia accommodation to suit your taste. For the holiday maker there are b&b locations near places of tourist interest, adjacent to shopping areas and markets or situated between the town and the country, offering easy access to both. For the business traveler, there are bed and breakfast options located in or near the CBDs.

There is so much to see and do in Western Australia that it is impossible to cover everything in one trip. Choose your destinations carefully and allow yourself enough time to experience them all without rushing. To really get a feel of the places you visit stay in a bed and breakfast. Every part of the state has a variety of b&bs that will cater to all budgets and needs. Whether a visitor is in search of a quiet retreat, a sporting vacation, adventure sports, a romantic getaway or just a time to recharge the batteries, WA not only has everything to offer, but also a bed and breakfast to match all your needs.