Bed and Breakfast Tasmania

Tasmania is only a short trip from the mainland of Australia with picturesque  scenic views and a range of bed and breakfast choices. A very green island wuth scenic mountains and landscapes that continue to grow wild. 40% of the island is actually World Heritage protected with vast amazing national parks and reserves.

What you might find interesting about Tasmania is that there are no crowds. Stay at a bed and breakfast and be surprised. Very easy to walk around and see the sights…very peaceful and relaxing.

There are traditional bnb stays but you can also find country manors, quaint little cottages and farm stays depending on the experience you want.

If you want wilderness, Cradle Mountain offers this opportunity with the Lemonthyme Lodge. You can stay in a log cabin that is period authentic and sits off the beaten path in the temperate rainforest environment. From Eucalyptus trees and tree ferns, you should see wallabies and wombats at night. You will also find great meals in the lodge.

In Deloraine, you might try Peppers Calstock because it isn’t as rustic. This is a luxury Georgian Mansion with French cuisine and you can relax and delight in French provincial accommodation. They have spas and private access verandas, so you can always be sure to have your privacy.

Walk through the rainforest areas and you will be able to view a wide range on animals and plant life. There are a variety of specialist operators who will take you to places where you will find all types of animals.

There are many walkabouts that are short and longer hikes to many different areas. There is the Battery Point Walkabout where you can walk around this little historic district. Don’t miss Arthur’s Circus, the Colonial museum or the Narranya for some of the most interesting artwork from early 19th century life.

Tasmania also hosts a variety of events worth catching like The Royal Hobart Show if you are traveling at the end of October. From the animal competitions to the various entertainers there will be something for everyone here. If you like to build things you might try your hand at the craft workshop that is also a part of this event.

Stay at a bed and breakfast in Tasmania and make sure to have fun when you get there!