The “migratory gene” must have been particularly potent in my blood line, because at the tender age of 27, I resigned from my high-powered job, sold all of my possessions, packed my bags, and booked an “all-around-the-world-traveler” plane ticket, valid for 24 months. Crazy right? I aim to convince you otherwise through the stories of countries I visited, people I met and places I stayed.

We adventurous-types get itchy feet at some stage of our lives, prompting us to hop-on a plane in search of distant lands. Be it a gap-year after University, a well-deserved break in a frantic work schedule, or the ultimate reward after a lifetime of service, leisure travel has an uncanny ability to make us feel refreshed, to allow us to leave our beliefs and certainties at home, and see the world in a different light.


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